Z-alarm - Ensure information server integrity

Network monitoring to ensure proper configuration for geographic information discovery


Z-alarm is a network monitoring service to assist the managers of geographic information discovery servers to ensure that their facilities are reliably available. Otherwise users may be receiving failed searches and spurious results, and your services will be inefficient. See the About Z-alarm document for further explanation.

Z39.50 (ISO 23950) is the information search and retrieve protocol. The powerful search systems can also be integrated with the World Wide Web via search gateways.

However, as the managers know, the service can be complex to configure. As with all information systems, the server needs to be regularly monitored. So Z-alarm provides a network tool to ensure that your search services are always reliably available.

Start at the tables of compliance issues (desirable | mandatory) for overviews of the target servers, and proceed to summaries and full reports.

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