Z-alarm: Explain summary tables


There are four summary tables which portray the results of the functional testing.

Each target has a private "Full report" to show detailed queries, results, error messages, and analysis notes. Each target also has a "Summary report" of its results.

The "Compliance issues" is a concise overview of all targets. The top table shows overall counts, the rating, links to issues, and links to other reports. Below that is concise coloured issues table showing the compliance state of all targets. The tables can be toggled to show two compliance levels: "desirable" or "mandatory".

Terminology and symbology

Certain terms and ways of showing information are utilised throughout the reports ...

Test Identifier

An alpha-numeric code to uniquely identify each particular test, e.g. u16 is one Use Attribute test. Follow the link to pop-up concise help about each test. The identifiers are grouped according to their Z39.50 Attribute (see explanation below).

Test result

Either success (green) or failure (red) with a reason. Some tests may need to be skipped (yellow) because previous dependent tests have failed. Some tests have warn (orange) because the result is inconsistent and may need manual investigation. For some tests it is relevant to show the number of records returned by a successful query.

Compliance level

The "desirable" level shows some important aspects of conformance to version 2.2 of the "Z39.50 Application Profile for Geospatial Metadata or GEO". The "mandatory" level is a sub-set.


This is an automatically computed value. Zero indicates full conformance. For each test, points are accumulated for failures. An asterisk (*) means that certain special tests were failed which indicate that other test results cannot be relied upon.

Known issues

Some certain tests can be excluded from the compliance tables. These are known to fail for all types of server software.

Z39.50 Attributes

The Test Identifiers are grouped according to their Z39.50 Attribute. A search query comprises up to 6 Z39.50 Attributes (which are further explained at ASDD Tech).

  1. Use Attribute
  2. Relation Attribute
  3. Position Attribute
  4. Structure Attribute
  5. Truncation Attribute
  6. Completeness Attribute

The Z-alarm Test Identifiers are grouped as follows ...

  • u** - Use Attribute tests, e.g. u04 verifies the Use Attribute 62 (abstract).
  • s** - Structure Attribute tests, e.g. s21 verifies the Structure Attribute 109 (numeric string).
  • r** - Relation Attribute tests, e.g. r02 verifies the Relation Attribute 2 (less than or equal).
  • a** - Assorted tests, e.g. a12 and a22 verify the XML Record Syntax.
  • b** - Boolean tests, e.g. b04 verifies the boolean AND.
  • t** - Specific text tests, e.g. t44 verifies the word truncation ability.
  • d** - Specific temporal tests, e.g. d03 verifies the "beginning date of content" metadata field.
  • p** - Specific spatial tests, e.g. p02 verifies the ability to find records that overlap any part of the search region of interest.