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Note: geographic coordinates are decimal degrees Example: North < -42.5 Example: East > 153
Note: latitude (North/South) is in the range 90 >= latitude >= -90 (negative in southern hemisphere)
Note: longitude (East/West) is in the range 180 >= longitude >= -180 (negative in western hemisphere)
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Australian Antarctic Data Centre (info)
ACT Geographic Data Directory (info)
Australian Hydrographic Service - Product Metadata (info)
Australian Oceanographic Data Centre (info)
BRS and Australian Natural Resources Data Library (ANRDL) (info)
Bureau of Meteorology
CSIRO Marine Research (info)
DEH Environmental Data Directory (Green Pages) (info)
Geoscience Australia (info)
IndexGeo Pty Ltd - Eco Companion catalogue (info)
National Oceans Office (info)
NSW Natural Resources Data Directory (info)
NT Spatial Data Directory (info)
Other Commonwealth Agencies (hosted by BRS) (info)
Qld Spatial Data (QSIIS) (info)
South Australian Spatial Information Directory (info)
Tasmanian Spatial Data Directory (info)
Victorian Spatial Data Directory (info)
WALIS Interragator-Aerial Photography (info)
WALIS Interragator-Bibliographic Data (info)
WALIS Interragator-Environmental Impact Statements (info)
WALIS Interragator-Natural Resource Monitoring (info)
WALIS Interragator-Spatial Data (info)
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